Do You Wish You Had an Immunotherapist?

Celiac Disease. I’m starting to come to terms with it. I’m starting to not think about it so much, just like the participants in the study I conducted last year said I would. When I go shopping I know what to buy. When I invite my friends to dinner I know where to go and who to trust. For the most part, I’ve even had the chance to slow down a bit with explaining it to people - most of my friends know all about CD after the last three years of listening to the recounts of my new discoveries.

So you can imagine my surprise when my friend Richard sent me this articleIt’s about the three specific toxic peptides associated with CD. They are important because they are what people with CD react to the most - they are the toxins that create the autoimmune reaction.

Immunotherapy exposes people with CD to small amounts of the toxins to encourage the development of natural tolerance, just like for other allergies. The article doesn’t name the peptides, or any scientific information really, but it does say that they expect important headway in immunotherapy for CD after this discovery. 

So the question remains… would you do it?


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Drugs with Gluten in Them.

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